Overview & Scope

EUFoam is a biennial conference dedicated to foams and their applications, with researchers attending from Europe and further afield.

The first conference took place in Renvyle (Ireland) in 1994, followed by Arcachon (France), Delft (The Netherlands), Manchester (UK), Marne-la-Vallée (France), Potsdam (Germany), Noordwijk (Netherlands), Borovets (Bulgaria), Lisbon (Portugal), Thessaloniki (Greece), Dublin (Ireland) and Liege (Belgium).

EUFoam 2020 is the (22 + 32)th conference in this series.

The next Eufoam conference will take place in Krakow in July 2022.

The conference is concerned with research and innovation concerning the structure, dynamics and applications of liquid foams and closely-related materials such as highly concentrated emulsions and cellular materials. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Foam structure, Surface area minimization, Plateau’s laws, topological properties of cellular materials, packing problems.
  • Life and death of Foams: liquid drainage, diffusive coarsening, coalescence / film rupture.
  • Foam flow, foam rheology, interfacial rheology, dynamics of surfactant-laden interfaces.
  • Industrial and novel applications of liquid foams.